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Let the fun in Florida begin…

Charlie Crist announced that he’s running for governor. Anyone shocked? Well, it didn’t take long for the mudslinging to start. Adam Smith from the Tampa Bay Times has the story, and boy, is it a doozy.


In which George LeMieux attacks Charlie Crist and John Morgan calls LeMieux a homely skunk | Tampa Bay Times.


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Marijuana and Alcohol –

Nice piece from the Times’ Editorial Board that complements the push for medicinal marijuana in Florida.

Turns out legal marijuana cuts down on youth binge drinking.

The more you know.


Marijuana and Alcohol –

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Medical marijuana advocates moves south

Next year’s gubernatorial contest in Florida will be a hotly contested race, with near-record amounts of money spent by incumbent governor Rick Scott’s campaign and his likely Democratic challenger, former Republican governor, Charlie Crist. A major issue that is just starting to surface is the role medical marijuana might play in who governs the Sunshine State from 2015 through early 2019.

Supporters of medical marijuana legalization are pushing a petition throughout state, attempting to acquire the 700,000 necessary signatures to get the issue on the ballot next year. With over 200,000 signatures in the bank, it appears likely that pot will find itself at the forefront of state politics. Rick Scott, along with incumbent attorney general Pam Bondi (also a Republican) have both publicly opposed the effort to legalize medicinal pot in Florida, while Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich has come out in favor of the measure, and Crist is “open” to the idea.

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