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Proposed fireworks regs in GA a bit much


During the 2015 session of the Georgia General Assembly, lawmakers finally legalized fireworks. Not sparklers, which had long been allowed in Georgia, but legitimate fireworks. Bottle rockets, mortars, and other fun explosives would finally be sold and taxed in Georgia, ending necessary pilgrimages into neighboring states to buy fireworks. What thrilled many Georgians who enjoy risking their fingers, faces, and other body parts to lit fireworks on Independence Day and New Years upset Georgians across the state, who didn’t welcome the new law with open ears or eyes.

Since every single Georgian obeyed the previous ban on fireworks and never once launched a bottle rocket, lit a firecracker, or watched a mortar light up the night sky, many were shocked, outraged, and very upset by the noise caused by fireworks on July 4th–along with the days immediately before and after America’s birthday. Calls were launched to strongly regulate–or ban–fireworks, because dogs, children, and the sensitive ears of adults were hurt by this new, foreign sound.

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MDJ fires editorial cannons; KSU will now struggle to find a provost

By Joel Mendelson

The Marietta Daily Journal, well known for their conservative rhetoric went above and beyond what is appropriate when it recently engaged in character assassination. Dr. Timothy Chandler, an associate provost at another KSU (Kent State University) was hired by Dr. Dan Papp and Kennesaw State University to be the new provost following the departure of Dr. Black. The MDJ discovered that Dr. Chandler had co-written a paper that made mention of the United States being “the most violent nation-state in history” and quoted Marx. From there the MDJ published an attack piece in its popular Around Town section.

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Wednesday Reads

The new season is back!! Tune in today at 4pm ET to listen to the guys talk about these stories and more only on!!

By Kevin Hagler

The New Congress

1.The NYT profiles the potential challenges for new speaker of the house, John Boehner as the  GOP takes over the House.

2. Ezra Klein calls Eric Cantor’s bluff on repealing health care reform as costs to do so would amount to the hundreds of billions.

3. When fantasy meets reality: Republicans lowering goals for spending cuts.

The New White House

4. Bill Daley, former Clinton commerce secretary, Gore campaign manager, JP Morgan Chase executive, and member of powerful Chicago family, is Obama’s top consideration for Chief of Staff.

5. Finally: After repeated calls from The Political Prescription – the amateur left – Robert Gibbs will step down as WH press secretary.

6. Howard Dean calls Daley “a huge plus” but has a special message for outgoing Axelrod and Gibbs, “don’t let the door in you in the you-know-what on the way out.”


7. Congratulations to KSU president Dr. Daniel Papp for making Georgia Trends’ “100 Most Influential Georgians List“!

8. Speaking of influential Georgians, Nathan Deal says to keep 3.0 as HOPE standard, as the new governor and the new legislative session faces tough cuts to balance the states strained budget.

9. Former Ga GOP gubernatorial candidate, Ray McBerry is in some public sex-drama again.


10. Alec Baldwin says he’s interested in running for office.

11. 2012: Michelle Bachmann for president? The congresswoman visits Iowa for counsel.

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VIDEO: The State of the Georgia Democratic Party

Our good friend the Comrade has made an Xtranormal video about Democrats in Georgia. I highly recommend watching it for anyone who thinks the Democrats are viable in this state. Click here to check it out!


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Falcons desire for new stadium is shortsighted

The Atlanta Falcons pulled out a 26-21 victory in the final minute of last week’s game against the Baltimore Ravens to improve to 7-2 on the season. In attendance for the game was none other than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who aside from enjoying the game met with Governor-elect Nathan Deal and Mayor Kasim Reed to discuss bringing the Super Bowl back to Atlanta. However there is a major caveat to Atlanta receiving this major economic boost, Goodell wants the big game in new stadiums. The Georgia Dome, renovations aside, opened in 1994.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has been clamoring for a new stadium for a couple years now and with the Falcons new found success on the field, it may be justified. Anyone that has spent a Sunday afternoon in the Dome knows it isn’t exactly the best place in the country to see an NFL game. Not only do Blank and the Falcons want a new stadium but they prefer an open-air stadium. When a retractable roof stadium was suggested, the team quickly shot it down as too expensive. Arthur Blank’s obsession with a new home for his team has left so many other opportunities in the dark.

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